Businesses handing over profits to charity


Meet the businesses who believe in giving – big and small


Harrows Foodbank, who has received numerous generous donations over the festive period, has praised local companies for their efforts and their kindness.

Some local businesses who frequently hand over some of their profits to charity have been dubbed as “reminders of humanity” by a leading charity organisation.


In other areas: Manchester based business PMC Telecom recently appeared in the local press having carried out a “reverse advent calendar throughout December – boxes were filled with crucial supplies donated by the staff themselves and handed over to a local Foodbank. Reporters soon picked up on their acts of kindness and decided to mention them in an article.


Steve Mills, who helped organise the project said: “We didn’t do this to get into the media but it was nice that it happened – hopefully it will encourage others to do the same. If you can’t give a little to the needy at Christmas then when can you?”


Another company which was flagged up for its kindness was Pro Audio Boutique, who carried out a similar project handing over donations and good to the homeless.


This contagious generosity which is sweeping the small business market has also caught on in the education system. Educators Guide to Private Schools  ,which is essentially an advice website for parents of privately schooled pupils, prides itself on collecting donations for various charities around the UK in a bid to set an example to it’s young students.
Kirsty Cumberbatch, who runs a project called “businesses to charity” said: “I praise these companies for for that have done and what they continue to do. They are reminders of humanity – don’t forget these are not business giants who can easily hand over thousands of pounds, they are smaller than that, acting out of kindness. Thanks to everyone who has been setting this great example and long may it continue.”

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