Fun Facts

  • While at Harrow School, Lord Byron was involved in a plot to blow up the headmaster of the school by laying a trail of gunpowder through passages in the house.
  • During the 18th century, Harrow Weald was home to Daniel Dancer, one of England’s most notorious misers. After his death, £2500 was unearthed in a dung heap, £600 in a teapot and over £200 in his unused chimney.
  • Harrow was the scene of the first fatal motor car accident involving a passenger, which took place on Grove Hill in 1899.
  • The Victorian celebrity chef Isabella Beeton ran a soup kitchen for the poor in Hatch End during the winter of 1858.
  • W.S. Gilbert (of Gilbert & Sullivan) and Thomas Blackwell (of
    Crosse and Blackwell) were at one time next-door neighbours living in Harrow.
  • The Harrow School uniform still features a black tie, which the boys were instructed to wear at the time of the death of Queen Victoria. As nobody instructed the boys to stop wearing the tie after the mourning period had ended, it is still part of the uniform today.
  • One of the hottest R & B venues of the mid-sixties was the Railway hotel, adjacent to Harrow and Wealdstone train station. This was the venue where The Who were accidentally discovered by future manager Kit Lambert.
  • 80′s pop star Simon Le Bon attended West Lodge Infants and Primary School and sang in the choir at Pinner Parish Church.
  • Harrow is the 12th largest London borough by area
  • Harrow public school is famous for educating seven Prime Ministers, including Winston Churchill, and has also featured in the Harry Potter films
  • 22% of Harrow’s population identify themselves as ‘Indian’ in ethnicity, the highest in London
  • Harrow is the most religiously diverse local authority in the UK; there’s a 62% chance that two random residents would be from different religious groups
  • One fifth of the borough is composed of parkland and open spaces, creating a green belt equivalent to eight Hyde Parks
  • Vivienne Westwood’s only brief training in fashion design was a term at Harrow Art School.  Her family also ran a sub-post office at 31 Station Road, Harrow.

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