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Businesses are happy in Harrow

As residents of Harrow, we have great transport links into London on our doorsteps (that’s when there are no delays or strikes) and are able to reach central London with its great array of shops and business in about 30 minutes.

But, have you noticed the vast array of businesses that are based in Harrow? Harrow has a strong business community and they are ‘happy’ to be in Harrow according to our research.

If you look past the high street brands and fast food outlets that fill up the shopping centres, there are some fantastic local businesses offering unique products and services.

We quizzed a small sample of local businesses on why they set up in Harrow and the majority answered that they live here and feel they need to support the local area and help grow its economy.

When asked if it was an easy or difficult process to set up their business, they all answered that it was a fairly easy process and that they faced no real difficulties.

They commented that they received no guidance from the council but that was because they didn’t ask for it. They went to say that if they did want guidance they wouldn’t be sure on who to contact to get it.

The final question we asked was “What are the positives of having a business in Harrow” the overwhelming response was that Harrow was a vibrant area to conduct business and had a great mix of clientele.

Harrow Council held its fifth Harrow Means Business event a couple of weeks ago. The event enables local business owners to meet with council departments and support groups to get free advice. The council has also recently launched a new online business directory. It is free for businesses to register their details and the council are encouraging all local businesses to add themselves to it.

If you are interested in adding your details, further information can be found on their website: http://www.itslocalharrow.co.uk/harrow/desktop/index.html

There also a number of groups that have been set up on Facebook to promote local businesses in Harrow. They are a great way to see what businesses in the area have to offer. Search ‘Harrow Local Businesses’ and see what is out there.


By Emma Saldanha