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Take the stress out of Christmas!

Take the stress out of Christmas Day

Christmas is the best time of year. Houses look fantastic decorated in Christmas lights and blown up Santas, you get to eat chocolates and not feel guilty about it and you spend time with people who you might not get to see all year.

But, all the magic of the day doesn’t happen on its own. It takes a lot of planning, preparation and hard work.

To help reduce the stress on Christmas Day, here are our top tips:

Don’t go overboard on cooking a big Christmas breakfast. Keep it simple, such as scrambled eggs or egg on toast.

Lay the table the night before. When you are in the middle of cooking dinner, you don’t really want to stop and think about napkin will go best with the plates!

If you have invited people over to your house for Christmas dinner, ask them to bring a dish with them, or a bottle of something to drink. Just because it is at your house doesn’t mean you have to prepare everything.

Partly cook the vegetables the week before and freeze them. Then on Christmas morning take them out of the freezer and pop them in the oven to finish them off. It is important to check what vegetables can be frozen as not all of them can be.

Only cook things that people will eat. If everybody dislikes brussel sprouts or red cabbage, then why bother cooking it.

Don’t worry about the washing up. Nobody will care if it is not is done straight away.

Don’t get stressed if the house looks messy. Christmas is all about having wrapping paper and Christmas hats strewn on the floor.

Finally, enjoy yourself. You may feel the need to keep offering people snacks and drinks. If people are still hungry after the delicious Christmas dinner. Direct them to the kitchen and tell them to “help themselves, to what they want”. Just because you are the chef, doesn’t mean you are running a cafe!

Have a great Christmas!


By Emma Saldanha