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Young Achievers Entrepreneur Programme using innate intelligence

Young Achievers Entrepreneur Programme using innate intelligence

What is an achievement for a child? For a 10-year old, dealing successfully with everyday peer pressure and excelling academically is definitely an achievement. But is that all that is needed to turn these initial wins into a lifetime habit? Author In Me, experts in conducting author led creative writing courses in UK have come up with a pioneering course that aims to guide children to tap into their unique self and channelize the abundant inner energy and talent in a constructive manner of self-expression. Targeted for the age group 10-14 years, this course blends self-development with real life project-based learning.

“A holistic approach towards education includes balanced growth at the emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual growth. The school system takes care of the cognitive and social aspects while providing opportunities for the emotional and spiritual (wisdom) aspects but is unable to support with solutions for the latter due to lack of time,” believes the course leader, Ranjani; an educationalist with an experience of over 25 years in teaching and developing innate intelligence in children.

Young Achievers Entrepreneur Programme (YAP) aims to assist children in getting a deeper insight about self-strength and weakness, enhance entrepreneurial skills, become influential and confident orators, raising confidence and self-esteem, develop an inherent drive for deeper exploration and develop a positive outlook towards life.

“In an age where bullying, social media and cultural adaptability put undue pressure on young minds, it’s pivotal for children to learn the key life skills of higher self-belief, deeper awareness and effective communication. A positive outlook towards self and others will directly result in a more fulfilled academic growth and they will emerge as responsible global citizens,” says Ekta, the co-founder of Author In Me.

Spread in a span of 6 weeks, the dynamic and intensive 2-hour course is divided very carefully to maintain a balance of learning and exploring. The first hour is full of activities, scientific videos, discussions and open ended introspective questions that ignite the innate intuitive learning. The second hour brings the focus on the project and deals with entrepreneurial skill enhancement.

“The outcome of this learning will be phenomenal and set a strong foundation of a fulfilled life. Children are naturally intuitive and perceptive. Since young age, we start moulding them to comply with the education system but in doing so we also restrict their natural pattern of mental growth which includes having wisdom beyond their years, sensing the connectedness of all things, or knowing things in ways that may seem impossible. A 360° holistic approach requires a balanced focus on academics and self-development, “believes Monica, the co-founder of Author In Me.

The next six-weeks course is commencing on 10th Feb, at Harrow High School, from 1:30pm -3:30pm. Children will be involved in coming up with a brand-new milkshake flavour for a café. This will include drafting out research, finance, and strategic marketing. The cherry on top is that the final presentation will be viewed by the parents and the Costa coffee manager. Each participant will receive a certificate on successful completion of the programme.

A-I-M founders and course leader are very clear about the outcomes and objective of YAP. Some of which include

  1. Problem solving for real life challenges.
  2. Setting small goals for accomplishing big dreams.
  3. Analytical skills in order to think out of box.
  4. Debating skills to share own perspective and understand others respectfully.
  5. Presentation skills to confidently share ideas and thoughts with enthusiasm.


To enrol your child, please visit http://authorinme.com/young-achievers-programme/ or call 01494 265002

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