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Mother and Son reunite via Harrow Online

Where do you live now and how did you become distanced from your mum?

My name is Graeme Hunter Keirs, I’m 30 years old and I work as a care assistant in a home that looks after residents with dementia. I have been doing this job for almost 3 years now and I’m now looking into going into nursing. I live in a town called hawick in the Scottish borders. I became distanced from my mum back in March 1990 when herself and my dad split up. From what I have learned since being back in contact she planned on taking me and my older brother with her but my dad stopped her. I grew up being told that she went out for shopping 1 day and never came home but I now know that wasn’t the case.

What made you decide to try and find her via Harrow Online and had you tried other methods of getting in touch?

I decided in August this year (2018) that I would try and find her so I started my search on a Facebook page up in Kilmarnock as I know that is where she is from originally. From there I posted an ad on missing persons Scotland and that is where I got the lead that she was down in the harrow area 20 years ago. I then contacted your page to ask if I could place an ad on your page to help me get closer to finding her. After about 3 hours of placing the ad I had her name and profile page.

What was her initial response when you first made contact?

I sent her a message saying who I was and that I believed she was my mum, her response was short and sweet at first as she was heading to work but she got sent home early as she was very emotional.  She said she had so many questions for me but she didn’t know where to start but it didn’t take us long to become comfortable with each other and the conversation just flowed after that.

What was it like when you first met her again after 28 years? I can imagine it was quite emotional!

The drive down to Carlisle train station was a rollercoaster of emotion, excitement,  nerves and joy jist to name a few. When i got there she was standing outside waiting and as soon as we saw each other we were smiling from ear to ear. We embraced in a large hug and all my nerves disappeared . Before driving home I suggested going for a coffee first just so we could sit and chat before having an hours drive home.

Now that you have reunited, do you plan on seeing each other often?

Yes we have spoken everyday since finding each other and we plan on seeing a lot more of each other. Hopefully every few months we will be seeing each other as there is 334 miles between us.