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Harrow Mum Develops a Body Pocket to Help Prevent Women From Becoming Pick-pocket Victims

Unfortunately last year saw a huge rise in the number of pick pocketing crimes within Harrow and surrounding areas. To counter this problem, a mum from Harrow has developed a Body Pocket to help women protect their valuables in public spaces.

The underarm accessory, which is discreetly worn on one shoulder under a jacket or coat, is designed to hold core personal valuables and keep them out of sight and reach from petty thieves. The innovative accessory is the flagship product for start-up brand, Khisu who offer stylish safety conscious accessories for the everyday.

With pick-pocketing being a long-standing problem on home soil and abroad, the Body Pocket offers a practical solution. “The safety advice from experts is to always have your valuables (phone, cash/cards and house keys) on your person but that’s not always possible as women’s clothing have limited pockets” says Dina Patel, founder of Khisu.

“I wanted to provide women with a genuine choice in taking responsibility for their own security and mobility without sacrificing style. We often think about taking safety precautions for when we travel but with the recent spate of mobile thefts and moped bag-snatches, I believe we should all be integrating safety measures into our daily lives to safeguard valuables and ourselves” Dina goes on to say.

Made from luxuriously soft bamboo that is breathable and naturally anti-bacterial, the Body Pocket introduces you to the concept of carrying valuables separate from your main bag.

And it’s not just for women. With a fully adjustable strap, three secure pockets and available in a unisex midnight blue colour, the hands-free solution can be used by men too. Dina adds “I often use the Body Pocket as an alternative to a handbag, knowing my valuables are safe and easily accessible is so empowering and gives me the confidence to take on the challenges of London life”.

Buy your Body Pocket from http://www.khisu.co.uk  RRP £29.99, use discount code NEWS20 to get 20% off your first order.