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Last Wednesday evening (16 May),  Harrow Police attended a public meeting on Wealdstone High Street. At approximately 7:00pm, two wanted persons were spotted walking past which led to their arrest. Both individuals had been wanted for breach of court order and failing to appear at court.

One of the individuals was also wanted in regards to a theft from BP/M&S on Bessborough Road HA1 where approximately two hundred pounds worth of confectionary had been stolen at Easter time. Police already had a search warrant for their home address issued by Willesden Magistrates Court under Section 8 of the police and criminal evidence act and executed this while they were still in custody.

During the search they found an Easter egg that retailed for around £15 and “appeared rather out of place in their flat”  – it was believed to be part of the haul of stolen confectionary that the male was suspected of stealing.

Marlborough Police tweeted: ”This isn’t just any stolen Easter egg, this is a hand decorated, Belgian chocolate with mini pralines stolen Easter egg recovered a month after Easter. Were not yolking, it wasn’t eggsactly the stolen goods we were looking for but an eggcelent find and more cracking policing”

Update: 22 May

Greenhill Police (MPSGreenhill) tweeted – “COURT RESULT: Michael O’Connell of Harrow plead guilty to stealing £185 worth of chocolate from BP Bessborough Road (and other non-Greenhill offences). He has been fined and ordered to observe an electronic tag curfew for several weeks”

(Image Credit: MPS Marlborough)

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