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Safety changes proposed for Harrow’s ‘Goodwill To All’ junction

Harrow Council is consulting on proposals to improve pedestrian safety at Harrow’s ‘Goodwill To All’ junction–the busy traffic junction at Headstone Gardens/Harrow View/Headstone Drive made up of four traffic lights, in the midst of local shops, businesses, bus stops and surrounding residential areas.

The proposed changes, which are expected to come into force in August 2019, would include green man crossings, red tactile paving on pavements, restricting some right turn movements and re-aligning the kerb lines to make sure lanes are wide enough.

The proposed changes follow petitions from local residents, including a petition for the Council to provide a dedicated pedestrian control facility at the junction, as currently the signalised junction does not have a dedicated pedestrian phase, meaning that pedestrians are only able to cross when there is a gap in vehicular traffic.


Given that the number of pedestrians and crossing demand is likely to increase in line with the development of Harrow View  West and Harrow View East, the Council has proposed various changes to the junction.

These proposals include:

  • A dedicated pedestrian crossing facility which will be introduced by relocating and modifying existing traffic islands on all arms of the junction, and will include providing pedestrian green man push buttons, red tactile paving on footways and realigning the kerb lines to accommodate adequate lane widths for general traffic
  • Two right turn bans at the signalised junction to gain additional time in order to allow us to introduce a new pedestrian phase – these are being proposed on Headstone Gardens eastbound on to Harrow View and Harrow View southbound on to Headstone Gardens. The existing right turn movement from Headstone Drive onto Harrow View and the existing right turn ban from Harrow View onto Headstone Drive will remain unaffected
  • A bus stop cage, shelter and flag relocation – the inset bus stop is proposed to be in line with traffic flow to allow buses to pull out quicker into general traffic
  • Remarking all road markings within the area of the signalised junction. Adequate traffic signs for the proposed restrictions will be provided well in advance to inform the drivers of the new restrictions in place
  • Loading bays for three vehicles are proposed on the eastern and western footway on Harrow View, south of Headstone Gardens/Headstone Drive junction


The funding for these changes will be made available through Section 106 contributions from the Kodak redevelopment of the Harrow View West and Harrow View East regeneration sites.

Harrow Council is seeking your views on these proposed changes – the consultation closes on 21 June 2019. All the responses received will be analysed and presented to the Portfolio Holder, who will make the decision on the scheme. If appropriate, modifications may be made to the scheme proposals.


To see more information and to respond to the consultation, click here.

Source: https://consult.harrow.gov.uk/consult.ti/junctionimprovementproposals/consultationHome

By Varsha Patel



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