30 people found living in Harrow house

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A home in Harrow was featured on a Channel 5 TV show called Nightmare Tennants, Slum Landlords on Monday evening (June 3).

The show revealed house that 30, yes THIRTY people were living in at one time. People within Harrow and members of Harrow Online Group watched in sheer amazement at the show.

The show shed light on the fact that some landlords and tenants that are desperate to find somewhere to live is a match made in hell.  It was only after complaints about the house itself such as rubbish and noise levels that eventually action was taken.

The house was strewn with Mattresses line in every room and positioned as such so that they would be able to fit the maximum amount of people within the property.

It was deemed an ‘unacceptable way’ to be living according to Harrow Council housing officers and thankfully these situation now seems to be resolved after threats of fines to the letting agent were made.

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