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Harrow Police have found a series of weapons on the streets of Harrow within the last week. They are doing a fantastic job of getting these off our streets by searching bushes, cars and other likely hiding spots that criminals would use to conceal weapons.

They tweeted yesterday (5 June) about this find in a car: “Harrow Safer Transport Team found this weapon in the footwell of a car at 9pm this evening. We also found a container with cannabis inside. Prosecution pending… @MPSRTPC”


On 3 June they tweeted: “These two knives were found secreted in a bush along High Street, Wealdstone earlier this morning. Now taken off the streets. #Wealdstone #Harrow #StopKnifeCrime”


And back on the 31 May they discovered this knife in Stanmore and tweeted this: “Harrow Safer Transport Team found this knife in #Stanmore this evening. Officers recovered the knife and it has been booked in at the Police Station. Another knife off the streets… @MPSRTPC #SaferStreets”

Knife crime has been on the rise in London this year. According to statistics in 2017-2018, it was revealed that there was a total of 285 homicides resulting from knives and sharp instruments. Unfortunately this is the highest reported numbers since records began back in 1946.

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