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Use your noodle for the best Chinese in Harrow

If there’s one thing Harrow’s not short of, it’s great restaurants and takeaways.  From bellissimo Italians to spicy Indian, there really is something for everyone including, of course, some fantastic Chinese establishments.  With so much to choose from, competition is steeper than the Olympics high jump contest, so we’ve put together some of our favourites in the borough.


The ever popular Taste Of China is a large and impressive looking building on Station Road and is known for its authentic Peking and Szechuan dishes and friendly service.  Widely thought to be the best in Harrow for the quality of food, Taste Of China isn’t the cheapest on offer – and the restaurant does levy a minimum charge of £10 per person when eating in the restaurant.  Taste Of China doesn’t sadly, offer a takeaway service from the restaurant, although this is available through Deliveroo.


For many, the Mandarin in Northwood Hills is the go-to venue for Saturday night dining.  With its great decor and authentic Peking and Cantonese menu, the Mandarin is one of Northwood’s most popular restaurants.

Use your noodle for the best Chinese in Harrow Harrow Online

Smart and affordable, Tao Peking in Ruislip is much more than just a Chinese restaurant.  In addition to a great Peking style menu and bar, the restaurant is famed for its entertainment which includes DJ nights and live performances by ‘Chinese Elvis’, Johnny Elvis Lo – be warned, tables book up quickly on Elvis nights so it’s ‘now or never’ !

Use your noodle for the best Chinese in Harrow Harrow Online

If you’re feeling flush, Met Su Yan in Edgware is a Kosher pan-oriental restaurant which opens between Sunday and Thursday (so you’ll need to make other plans for the weekend).  Hailed for its great food and service, the menu is a little pricey so you may want to keep this one for a special treat.


Although the name may suggest something a little steamier, The Loving Hut in Edgware, now known as Zen Buddha is a great choice for vegans looking for a little Chinese action.  Claiming to be the healthiest restaurant in Edgware, Zen Buddha has a large local following and serves healthy and tasty vegan Chinese dishes.

Use your noodle for the best Chinese in Harrow Harrow Online

By Nicci Rae