Scorching temperature and rising tempers – A Month In The Life Of Harrow’s Emergency Service Feeds

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July has been a hot one – not only in terms of the heatwave but, unfortunately, also in terms of crime in our borough.  As our emergency services battled to do their jobs in temperatures in excess of thirty degrees, they did their best to keep Harrow updated via their Twitter feeds.  We take a look at some of the updates from the past week.


Public danger averted – MPS Firearms Command – @MPSFirearms

27 July

#SCO19 officers safely stopped and detained the driver of a vehicle, which had made off from police in the @MPSBarnet area last night. This bag, containing a shotgun was also recovered after it was discarded during the pursuit. #JobLikeNoOther #ProudToProtect


One way road to trouble – Marlborough Police – @MPSMarlborough

  • 27 July

This Golf GTi was a nice car in its day but wasn’t fast enough to evade PC Underwood. Alas the poor car is now uninsured, untaxed and un mot’d and thus off for a nice holiday at the police pound while the driver goes to court for the offences. #seized #MakeWealdstoneGreatAgain


Stamping out hate crime – Roxeth Police – @MPSRoxeth

  • 25 July

Richard Hall, 55, of Parkfield Road, South Harrow has been sentenced to 26-weeks in prison for religiously aggravated assault in which he attacked someone with a hammer AND also for punching a female shop worker in the face when confronted about alleged theft. #notmissingyou


A violent July – MPS Barnet – North West BCU @MPSBarnet

  • 13 July

Section 60 has been authorised from 1500 13/07 till 0700hrs 14/07 covering #Kilburn #BrondesburyPark #QueensPark #WillesdenGreen #KenselGreen #Harlesden #DuddenHill #Mapesbury #SouthHampsted #MaidaVale following intelligence about an event, gang activity & potential violence



Harrow police cadets scale the heights of justice – Harrow Police Cadets – @HarrowVPC

  • 8 July

We’re not just about the police. Harrow VPC provides opportunity, development, support, friendship, fun. We’re here for young people in Harrow seeking a positive lifestyle. Interested? @MPSCadets @NationalVPC


The Police UK site has recently released the following figures for crime in Harrow during June 2019

Approximate location Number of crimes
On or near Clarendon Road 8
On or near College Road 13
On or near Greenhill Way 8
Harrow On The Hill (lu Station) Station 9
On or near Havelock Place 12
On or near Junction Road 3
On or near Parking Area 11
On or near Parking Area 11
On or near Parking Area 7
On or near Shopping Area 13
On or near Shopping Area 16
On or near Shopping Area 3
On or near Shopping Area 13
On or near Shopping Area 6
On or near William Carey Way 7

As always, thanks to our emergency services for keeping the people of Harrow safe and, remember – Do not report crime on Twitter, call 101 or 999 in emergency.


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