Harrow Council seeking injunction against travellers setting up camps illegally

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This summer has seen travellers illegally ‘move in’  to many sites across Harrow spurring concerns from Harrow Online members.

Camps have been set up in Hatch End playing fields, Stanmore Marsh, Canons Park, Whitchurch playing fields, Netwton Farm park and Rayners Lane. Local residents have complained about rubbish left behind after travellers have been moved on from their locations.

Posts in the Harrow Online Group have stated: “It appears travellers have moved into the plot of land in the Old Kenton Farm site (Kenton Lane). Around 15 – 20 caravans pulled up outside full of travellers They have de cided to plot in the old Kenton Farm site. Just a warning to stay vigil at home. They are driving around in vehicles without number plates too. #HarrowCouncil# and our MPs/elected Councillors are you able to do anything as it could cause issues in the area”

Another member said: “I wonder if Harrow is among the councils that have banned such encampments? Does anyone know if that’s the case. I’d imagine as more councils ban encampments, travellers will go to the nearby councils that have not yet passed ban.”

Harrow Council are taking action against the issue by looking into an injunction against travellers moving into locations illegally. A spokeswoman for Harrow Council has told us: “we are considering all options and powers available to tackle the issue including security and access to our parks.  One of the options are looking at a borough-wide injunction which would ban travellers from setting up camp illegally.”



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