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Harrow residents report eggs and glass bottles being thrown at them

Numerous people in Harrow have reported eggs, glass bottles and tomatoes being thrown at them.

The incidents all seem to be connected with many happening around the Rayners Lane area of Harrow. A young man posted in the Harrow Online Group this morning (27 August): “If anyone sees a small blue vauxhall van driving around the general Harrow area, REPORT THEM. They threw eggs directly at my chest and elsewhere down me, god knows that they’ll throw next at the people that we care about.”

Shortly after the post was made, numerous other residents reported similar experiences within Harrow. One person said: “This happened to me the other day at Tesco’s Rayners lane. eggs, glass bottles and tomatoes”. Another person said: “I read on another site yesterday in Northwood someone had eggs and a glass bottle thrown at them too on Saturday evening.”

Worryingly, allergy sufferers could be left in a life-threatening situation if they came into contact with egg, one person commented: “This scares the life out of me as it could kill my son as he has a life threatening allergy to eggs.”

So far at least five people have been targeted, all within the last few weeks in Harrow. (Image Credit: Google).

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