Harrow is in the fast lane for broadband speed

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Harrow is ahead of the rest of the UK when it comes to broadband speed according to a new analysis for 2019 from Broadbandchoices.co.uk, a broadband, mobile and TV comparison site. The report uses Ofcom’s latest Connected Nations report as well as Broadbandchoices.co.uk’s own data.

The data reveals that:

  • Harrow as a region has an average download speed of 60 Mbps.
  • That’s higher than the UK’s average download speed of 54.2 Mbps according to the latest Ofcom report.
  • Collating information from Broadbandchoices.co.uk‘s comparison service and the Broadbandchoices.co.uk’s speed tester, we’ve identified that Harrow can get optimum download speeds of 93 Mbps.
  • However, not every house or business will be able to receive those speeds, so we recommend using a postcode checker to see what you can get at specific properties.

For nearly 10 years the government has focused on the roll-out of superfast broadband which, according to Ofcom, is now available in 95% of the UK. While this may be the case, only 7% of the UK has access to full-fibre networks meaning that most will be left without a reliable superfast broadband connection.

The government is prioritising city centres, towns and businesses with a complete full-fibre roll-out target of 2033. This could mean that those in rural communities may have to wait far longer for reliable access to superfast broadband – potentially slowing down the economic growth in these areas.

Based on the data, the best performing areas for broadband download speed are:

  1. Hull – 87Mbps
  2. Swindon – 84Mbps
  3. Cleveland – 75Mbps
  4. Guildford – 72Mbps
  5. Nottingham – 69Mbps

The worst performing areas for broadband download speed are:

  1. Torquay – 27Mbps
  2. Lerwick – 26Mbps
  3. Llandrindod Wells – 25Mbps
  4. Perth – 24Mbps
  5. Truro – 23Mbps

For the full ranking, please visit Broadbandchoices.co.uk.

Harrow sits in the upper half of the table, however, there’s still a long way to go before all residents can get top-tier broadband speeds.

Mark Pocock, home comms expert at Broadbandchoices.co.uk said: “Despite the research offering a useful snapshot of the UK, most British consumers only become aware of what broadband speeds they should be getting after they have signed up for a deal. That’s the reason why broadbandchoices offers a postcode checker tool – to ensure consumers get a truthful and transparent idea of what speeds to expect for their home or business.

After all, nowadays, broadband speeds are vitally important. The new Prime Minister, for example, recognised the importance of faster broadband speeds in his acceptance speech, and has pledged to deliver full-fibre broadband to every home in the UK by 2025.

To protect the productivity of the UK workforce, it’s vital that we continue to put pressure on councils and the Government to achieve this goal. Indeed, of the four hundred UK council websites and Ofcom reports we looked at, in many areas those councils have failed to meet their own targets and hit their deadlines. All that said, households could make a significant impact on their speeds right now by shopping around for the best deals and knowing what speeds they are entitled to in the first place

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