Homeless girl and dog assaulted in Harrow

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Harrow Safer Transport police reported that a homeless girl was assaulted on Station Road, Harrow. She was “kicked along with her dog”.

A tweet posted on Saturday (September 7) said: “Harrow Safer Transport Team update. We took a confused elderly woman home. We reported an assault on a homeless girl, Station Rd. She was kicked along with her dog.”

“We spoke to a homeless man who was a truck engineer 12 months ago. His wife died & he lost his home & ID docs and fell on hard times. We are going to help him apply for his birth certificate & NI number so he can get back to working. He is not involved in drink or drugs.

“He is thrilled to be given assistance. He told police it is the first time anyone tried to help him. We will keep you updated on his story to success.”

In response to the help police had given to the homeless man, one user commented: “Thank you for providing support to this poor man where all other services appear to have failed him. Yet another example of MPS Officers going above and beyond the call of duty. Absolute heroes.”

Another person commented: “Lovely to read this.Policing is tough but days like this leave you feeling you’ve made a difference and given someone hope. We can all do with a little bit of hope.”


(Image Credit: Google)

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