16-year-old girl arrested in Harrow for spraying paint on NatWest bank

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A 16-year-old girl has been arrested in Harrow for spraying paint onto the side of NatWest bank police have revealed in a tweet.

The girl had also been seen on CCTV spraying nearby telephone boxes as well as the pavement.

The tweet posted yesterday (19 September) T 19:32 said: “Harrow Safer Transport Team have just arrested a 16yr old girl for spraying paint about 12 times in large lettering on the side of @NatWestBusiness Bank in Harrow. Same graffiti x 2 on nearby telephone boxes & once on the floor. All caught on CCTV!! @”

One twitter user commented on the tweet: “What is wrong with her? a) aspiring Banksy b) art school reject c) cry for help d) ‘marking’ her territory.   Hope you will make her scrub it clean.”

Another person said: “Make her remove it! Or at a minimum charge her for the clean-up!”.

It was a busy day for Harrow Police in the town centre, they also confiscated a large quantity of alcohol from a local off-licence based on Station Road, Harrow.

Greenhill Police tweeted: “We’re in @HarrowTown Centre conducting licensing checks on businesses with HMRC and the licensing team. Suspiciously cheap cans of strong alcohol is one of the factors fuelling ASB and street drinking in Harrow. Goods seized pending a HMRC investigation.”

(Credit: Greenhill Police)

A comment regarding the raid on the Harrow Online Group said: “it was an unlucky day today for lucky off licence in harrow today they got raided by police & Customs exise i saw at least 60/70 cases of beer being confiscated about 11/2 pallets loaded on to a lorry.”

(Image Credit: Google)


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