Teenager jailed after beating man unconscious at Harrow bus station

An 18-year-old from Harrow has been jailed for seven months after he and a group of teenage boys beat a man unconscious at Harrow bus station.

The incident occurred on 30 November last year, the man who was attacked had “told them off for bumping into his pregnant wife” reports the Evening Standard.

Kennie Dolling, 18, and four males all aged under 18 years old and cannot be named for legal reasons, were told to “be careful” by the man after knocking into his pregnant wife at the bus station.

The teenagers then beat the man unconscious and then struck the mother when she tried to help.

Kennie Dolling (Image Credit: Met Police)

CCTV of the incident seen in Harrow Crown Court showed the gang repeatedly attempting to kick the man in the head whilst he was lying on the floor.

The judge said: “It must have been terrifying for this woman to be in those circumstances. Knowing that she was pregnant and watching her husband lose consciousness.”

The four younger have been given custodial sentences for six months each at an earlier hearing. Dolling, of Harrow was jailed for seven months, The judge commented saying “This was a frightening and alarming attack.”

(Source: Evening Standard)

(Image Credits: Met Police, Google)