Man beaten up by youths outside school in Greenford

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A man was taken to hospital today (Wednesday , October 3) after being violently beaten up outside a school in Greenford.

The man was attacked outside William Perkin Church of England School, in Greenford just after the end of the school day after he tried to stop youths fighting outside.

An email from the school sent to parents said: “An unfortunate incident happened today outside school at approximately 4pm.

“Three young males, not students at the school, were acting aggressively towards a student leaving school.

“A parent of a William Perkin student intervened and was threatened by one of the youths.

“A parent of another William Perkin student also intervened and he was assaulted by one of the youths – he is now being treated by medical professionals for what we believe to be minor injuries.

“There were reports that a knife was seen, though we understand that this was not the cause of the injuries sustained.

“Most members of the school community had left the school and the school building was put into lockdown with the remaining students as soon as the incident was reported.

“Once the incident was under control by the school and the police, the remaining students were released from a side entrance.

“The school and the parents involved are helping the police with their enquiries.

“The school will put in place supportive measures for students who were witnesses of the incident.

“The police and school will work together to ensure the safety of students arriving to and leaving from school over the coming days.”

A Met police spokesperson said : “Police were called to an altercation in Oldfield Lane at William Perkin School where a man in his 20s sustained some injuries, not believed to be life threatening or life changing,”

“He was taken to a local hospital by London Ambulance Service, who also attended.”

“A knife was reportedly seen during the fight, but it is believed the man was beaten up.”

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