New ‘dinosaur-themed’ golf course coming to Harrow

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It has been confirmed that plans to build a brand new ‘Dinosaur-themed’ golf course have been approved.

The proposals to lease the land at Everyone Active Bannister Sports Centre, in Uxbridge Road, for the new course feature huge dinosaur probs that will reportedly be up to seven meters in height. The dinosaur props  will be able to make ‘roaring sounds’ as people navigate their way around the course.

The scheme was narrowly approved by the council’s planning committee in October 2018 and will also feature new parking facilities on site.

It will become the second themed mini golf course in Harrow following the Lost Jungle in Edgware which features Aztec temples, hidden tombs, crashing waterfalls, hissing snakes, spitting spiders and much more. The Lost Jungle is located on Watford By-Pass, Edgware and opened at the end on 2016 moving into 2017.

The Lost Jungle (Credit: Trip Advisor)

What do you think about the plans to build this brand-new golf course at Bannisters? How do you think it will compare to the Lost Jungle? Be sure to comment on our Facebook page and let us know what your feedback is.




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