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Police warn residents about scam in Pinner and North Harrow

Local police have posted the following warning about a known scam that so far has been reported in North Harrow and Pinner.

The following warning has been published on the NextDoor account of Harrow Police:

“We have received several reports of a man knocking on residents’ doors asking for sponsorship for a bike ride or money to sponsor a sick child in need of a heart operation. The reports so far have come from Lankers Drive, Church Drive and Cumberland Road in the North Harrow area and Grange Gardens and Rayners Lane in Pinner.

“This is a scam. This man is not representing a registered charity, nor does he hold a licence to be knocking on your door asking for money.

“We kindly remind you not to engage with anyone who is asking for money on your doorstep. If they knock on your door, DO NOT let them into your home and DO NOT give them any money.

“If you have a Ring.com doorbell please use this to answer the door and tell the visitor to go away. Always check who is at your door prior to answering it, and if possible open a window and ask whom is at the door and why before opening it.

“The man is described as being:

White, approximately 5’9’ in height, aged between 30 – 40 years old, and of thin build, with shaved short brown hair.

“He talks in a London accent and has been seen wearing Burgundy joggers, black fitted leather jacket and a beige beany hat or black baseball cap. He also has a black satchel shoulder bag.

“Please help each other by making others aware of what is happening, especially the elderly and otherwise vulnerable residents of your road.

“If you have already been a victim of this type of scam and you have images of the man or a registration of a vehicle he might be using, please pass that information to me by emailing pinner.snt@met.police.uk.”

Pinner SNT also tweeted: “We’ve received reports of a male knocking on doors in the #Pinner & @MPSHarrow area, asking residents to sponsor a bike ride for St Alban’s Church, North Harrow.

“This is a scam that two elderly residents have fallen for.

“If you receive such a visit please call the 101 number.”

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