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Woman terrified as ‘random guy’ tries to enter her car in Harrow

A man in Harrow has reportedly tried to enter a vehicle with two females present on Lyon Road in Harrow on the early hours of Sunday morning (8 December).

The incident happened after the two women returned to their car after having a meal in central Harrow that evening.

A message posted on social media stated that: “Me and my friend left Harrow to go home around 01:30am and we walked to her car.. we got in and started up the car and she was changing her shoes so we can drive home…

“Out of nowhere this random guy slammed the front of the car window.. he then moved down my side (passenger) and slammed up against my window. He realised we hadn’t locked the car doors and quickly ran to the back and opened to back door & tried get in.

“Luckily the car was already switched on etc so our first instinct was to drive off as fast as possible. He had already opened the back door.

“If he wanted to take the car he could have.. the car was parked up by The Junction – Harrow for hours. His intentions were different and it was just so clear he wanted me and my friend. We were the only girls on the road.

“I still vividly remember the look in his eyes. The way he slammed up against the car windows especially as it was on my side. If we hadn’t moved off so quickly he would have gotten in and I don’t even want to know what could have happened..

“I’m still trying to comprehend what happened. We called the police immediately and reported him. Gave them everything we remembered about him –  who was around, everything.

“Guys honestly, be safe out there especially at night! Always be aware of your surroundings, especially when you’re alone or getting into your car/ friends car.”

The man is described by the alleged victim as a “white man (25+) with a medium brown beard facial hair, quite big. He was around 5”8 or 5”9 and slim build”. He was wearing a black Adidas hoodie, a NY black baseball hat, medium blue skinny jeans and white trainers.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson has told Harrow Online this evening (10 December):  “Police were called at 01:50hrs on Sunday, 8 December to reports of a man acting suspiciously on Gayton Road at the junction with Lyon Road in Harrow.

“No offences have been disclosed. There have been no arrests.”

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