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Police warn public about a ‘group driving around Harrow stealing catalytic converters’

Police have issued a warning to Harrow residents this evening (18 Feb) that there is a group driving around stealing catalytic converters.

Canons Police tweeted shortly before 8:00pm saying: “We are receiving reports that there are a group driving around Harrow in a Ford Mondeo estate car stealing catalytic converters. Please call Police if you see anybody acting suspicious tampering with cars.”

Catalytic converters thefts have been on the rise across London in recent months. Last week, the Evening Standard reported that over 1,000 are being stolen from Londoners every month.


Thefts increase when the price of the metals are high. The converters are stripped from the cars and resold for thousands of pounds. Thieves tend to target larger vehicles like vans and 4x4s that have a higher ground clearance making the converters more easily accessible. But it is known that all types of vehicles are vulnerable to thefts.

On Wednesday 5 Feb, we received a report that there was an attempted theft of a catalytic converter in Harrow Leisure Centre car park. Staff were alerted and the thieves swiftly left the scene in their vehicle before they could be stopped.


You can buy locks for the catalytic converters. However, police advise that people can protect their vehicles by keeping them parked in a garage, or you can install motion sensor lights on driveways to deter thieves. You could also park in a well-lit, populated area, or use a forensic security marking kits.






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