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Tesco will be selling plasters in different skin tones to “better represent the nation”

Tesco has launched a brand new range of plasters to match different skin tones and better reflect racial and ethnic diversity it has been announced.

The new plasters come in light, medium and dark skin tones and will “better represent the nation” according to Tesco, one of the largest supermarket chains in the UK.

The new plasters would be available at all of its 741 UK stores and Tesco are already the biggest selling retailer of their own brand plasters the BBC reports.

A tweet went viral last year and received over 100,000 retweets, Dominique Apollon wrote: “It’s taken me 45 trips around the sun, but for the first time in my life I know what it feels like to have a ‘band-aid’ in my own skin tone.

“You can barely even spot it in the first image. For real I’m holding back tears.”

A further comment from Apollon said: “And I’m glad this thread has sparked some love, introspection, empathy, and conscious actions in others. White supremacy is a beast, and defeating it will take all of the above elements and more, applied at all levels of our societies. But the results will be so, so beautiful.”

The tweet was so popular that it received over half a million likes and Tesco decided to take action by creating their own new plasters featuring different skin tones.

Ethnic minority rights campaigner, Sajd Mughal, tweeted: “YES! This is like that feeling as a WOC growing up not being able to find the right tone of foundation apart from pink!!!And finally somebody introduces it!!!”

Another twitter user posted: “The UK’s biggest retailer, Tesco, is stocking plasters in a variety of skin tones as it tries to give a better reflection of racial diversity.”

However not everyone seems to be impressed with the new plasters. A twitter user tweeted: “I am 64 and have never once considered plasters were skin coloured. I just thought they were beige. My fingers are not the colour of plaster material. Tesco has taken PC to a new level of insanity.”

Nicola Robinson, Tesco’s health, beauty and wellness director, said: “As one of the largest retailers in the UK, we understand that we have a responsibility to ensure our products reflect the diversity of our customers and colleagues.

“We believe the launch of our new skin tone plaster range is an important step and a move that we hope will be replicated by other retailers and supermarkets across the country.”

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(Image Credit: Tesco)