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Panic buying over coronavirus has lead to empty shelves in Harrow

Supermarkets in Harrow have been selling out of toilet paper and hand sanitiser amongst other products as people panic-buy due to Coronavirus.

After it was revealed yesterday that Northwick Park Hospital are treating people with COVID-19, people have taken to social media to post images of bare shelves across Harrow.

Tesco’s in Harrow

One person commented on the Harrow Online Group saying: “Of course it’s happening. It was the same in other towns, not just Harrow. I couldn’t find ibuprofen in Morrison’s. People need to get a grip and stop being so darn selfish. Stores need to start refusing bulk sales and restricting items per customer. Check photo comments on some of the threads, it’s not fake. People are angry.”

Another person commented saying: “So has anyone else’s local supermarket sold out of toilet paper? Our Tesco’s in Pinner is completely wiped out lol no pun intended”.

No toilet paper on the shelves at Sainsbury’s in Stanmore (Credit: Nishita Shah)

Large supermarket chains such as Sainsbury’s and Asda have experienced shortages, including people stocking up on long life foods such as pasta and rice. People have also been stock-piling soap and other detergents.

Another member of the Harrow Online Group on Facebook said: “Even Savers in Stanmore had no soap and 5 packs loo rolls left, it’s a joke people need to chill, and do what they should be doing every day of your life – wash your hands. Think of old people on pensions ect that can’t go and buy loads of stuff”.

Morrison’s in Hatch End

Andrew Opie, Director of Food & Sustainability at the British Retail Consortium, said: “Disruption to supply chains has been limited, and the availability of products remains good.

“Retailers are working closely with their suppliers and monitoring consumer behaviour to anticipate changes in future demand.”

Savers in Harrow (Credit: Noemi Pataki)

“Retailers are also taking necessary steps to meet the rise in demand for certain hygiene products.”

Asda in Ruislip


Health Secretary Matt Hancock said there was “absolutely no need” for individual people “to go round buying more than they need.” He also stated on BBC Question Time: “And in fact, part of the response of this has to be about us coming together.

“Obviously, the very strong advice from the scientists, the medics, is that people should not go about buying more than they need.”