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‘Thousands of people’ show up at Cassiobury Park in Watford despite lockdown instructions

Watford Council have been forced to close Cassiobury Park car park after thousands of people showed up at the park today despite government warnings and lockdown procedure.

Watford Observer have reported that “thousands” of people still went to the park today due to the nice weather. This goes against instructions to stay at home to help support the NHS at this difficult time of the Coronavirus pandemic.

It is understood that Watford Borough Council closed the car park at the request of the police after officers patrolling the park witnessed large numbers of people entering.

The mayor of Watford, Peter Taylor said: “Not only are you endangering your own life, but you are putting the lives of other people at risk. This is an incredibly serious situation for Watford and for the country.”

“Given the severity of this situation people need to follow the NHS advice about social distancing and only doing one hour of physical activity a day.

“We have received reports that there were thousands of people going there today, the car park is absolutely full, and that is extremely dangerous during a highly infections pandemic and is putting everyone’s lives at risk.

“We are closing the car par to ensure everybody’s safety and reduce the number of lives that are lost.”

People have been taking to twitter to show their outrage at the lack of consideration shown. One person said: “I totally agree with. Apparently, this is the same at Cassiobury Park in Watford.

“Are people really that thick or do they get drained of common sense when the sun comes out. Watford General have had to close their A&E, (i’m assuming because they are overrun) & people do this”.

Another clearly disgusted Watford resident said in a tweet: “People in Watford flock to Cassiobury park to picnic and sunbathe are they Fing stupid just fine them and clamp their cars why dont they listen stay in door this is life or death, I am ashamed to say I am a Watford citizen”

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