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Home Health Harrow residents inspire Northwick Park Hospital staff with messages of support

Harrow residents inspire Northwick Park Hospital staff with messages of support

Thousands of people in Harrow have taken their time to create inspiring messages for NHS staff with window and pavement displays. 

Street art in South Harrow showing support for the NHS

Homes throughout Harrow have been showing their support for the NHS with drawings and messages appearing in windows and drawn in chalk on the pavements outside homes.

Harrow Online asked members to send in their best messages. 

“Just made this with my children Shivesh and Dhilan Joshi”

The most common symbol is the rainbow of hope with countless variations accompanied by text wishing NHS and other key workers all the best in the fight against coronavirus.

“My grandchildren Francesca and Ethan and baby Flo made this. They have been stuck in a small flat but they want to keep people and themselves safe. I’m very proud of them.”

A spokesperson from Northwick Park Hospital which was among the first to treat COVID-19 patients said: “Staff have been touched by the groundswell of public support. It lifts peoples’ spirits coming into work to see so many of these messages of support.”

“Petal artwork created by my mum, Anjna Shah”

If you have any positive, inspiring messages for NHS staff at Northwick Park Hospital that you have created for your windows or on the pavements, then please send them on to us here via our email address which is info@harrowonline.org or you can WhatsApp them to us on (07999) 293922.

“St Anselm’s Primary School, Harrow. Children and staff have been sending in their pictures of their rainbows and the children, who are in school due to their parents being key workers, have also been busy creating a rainbow which can be seen when you walk past the school”