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Doctor at Northwick Park Hospital releases charity song dedicated to NHS medical staff

A doctor at Northwick Park Hospital has released a charity song to help raise money for the support of fellow NHS medical staff.

Dr Rony Berrebi, an intensive care medic (ICU) at Northwick Park has treated 100s of COVID-19 patients, “sadly I have witnessed many die. Says Dr Rony. “I have also witnessed many of my colleagues breaking down in tears at the end of their shift.”

Dr Rony Berrebi tweeted: “At the moment, there is not a charity whose sole aim is to deal with good mental health & PTSD for those working in the frontline of the NHS.”

He continued: “I want to change this. I want to create the FIRST mental health charity solely dedicated to the mental well being of NHS and health care workers everywhere in the UK”

“You can help by streaming, downloading and sharing the song I’ve written to my colleagues across the NHS”.

We spoke to Hannah John via twitter who is helping the project. Hannah is currently managing the official social media channels to help promote the campaign.

She told us the crowdfunder went live on the 9th of April, just in time for Thursday #clapforNHS.

The main aim is to raise £50,000 to launch a national charity to to provide life-changing mental health & PTSD treatment for frontline NHS workers. However, the team are dreaming big. On their official crowdfunded page they say:

“Our “dream big” target – £1 million – is really where we get to make a real, long term impact in supporting our NHS workers.

“PTSD treatment consists of 8-12 sessions of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) which cost about £60 each, so that equates to around £600 to get one person out of PTSD for good.

“There are 300,000 nurses in the NHS. Most of whom have now been re-dispatched to help treat patients with COVID-19.

”If only 5% of them ended up needing mental health support with PTSD or similar, that’s 15,000 nurses – which would cost £9-10 million in treatment.

“So, to be realistic we’ll start with only the most severe cases (10% of those nurses needing treatment) and with £1 million we can treat 1,500 of them.

“Not everyone displaying early symptoms will necessarily need intensive treatment, sometimes meditation and support can be enough. But for those who do get an advanced form of PTSD, it will upend their lives in the most radical way.”

The team have already earned nearly £5,000 but they need your help to support this amazing project. We have listed the ways that you can do rats to the project, but we encourage all Harrow Online members to share this far and wide and help Spread the word about this fantastic cause.

People can donate https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/nhsheroes

Share the crowdfunder
And stream the song https://youtu.be/trbgcQqt3cw

Also on Spotify

And Apple music https://music.apple.com/gb/album/super-heroes/1508307741?i=1508307743

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