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Home News NHS nurse from Harrow has car windows smashed before hospital shift

NHS nurse from Harrow has car windows smashed before hospital shift

An NHS Nurse from Harrow was left devastated after she returned to her car left overnight in a South Harrow supermarket only to find the windows smashed.

Glass was all over the back seats of the car when Lauran returned.

Lauran O’Neill, a mother-of-two that lives in Harrow was on her way to get to her work shift at a central London hospital.


Lauran posted on the Harrow Online Group saying: “Left our in the car park overnight as we always do.. and have gone to it this morning to find the back windows smashed in. Nothing of value in the car”.

“I need the car first thing tomorrow to get to my NHS hospital shift in central London. Also have two young kids who need to be taken to childcare in order for me to work.

“I am absolutely heartbroken. I can’t get a hire car, my insurance company is closed until tomorrow. Window company will hopefully be able to fix it ‘some time next week’.

“Someone’s poisonous actions will mean that I will really struggle to get in to work tomorrow morning. Surely scrambling through my car isn’t worth me now not getting in to a shift?!

“If you have ever done something like this, or know of people that do this, you need to take a hard look at yourself in the mirror. I can’t believe in this climate that someone thinks it’s an acceptable thing to do.”

She later updated everyone on the group saying: “I have a temporary window and am now trying to find a company to fix me a secure window (finding a company with stock via insurance claim) and also deep clean the glass so I can use the car safely. Thanks so much for everyones help and supportive comments. I made it to work this morning!!!”

Lauran was left heartbroken after someone smashed her car windows leaving glass all over her car.

The matter had been reported to the police and Lauran is very thankful for everyone’s kind words of support.

(Images: Lauran O’Neill)