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Thieves caught stealing parcels on CCTV in Rayners Lane

Police are investigating a series of thefts from Talbot Skyline apartments, Rayners Lane.

A concerned resident told Harrow Online that two thieves have stolen around 10-15 parcels and personal post belonging to residents. This can be seen on CCTV obtained by Harrow Online. According to the victim, multiple residents have reported items being stolen.

They said: “two thieves are coming to our apartment complex and stealing parcels, they have been caught on cctv do you reckon you could post to see if anyone recognises them? It has been reported to the police and they will be also looking into it”.

The two men that can be seen in the CCTV have also managed to steal keys from one of the post boxes that belong to the flats and “try every post box until they get to it.” According to the resident.

The victim continued: “I’m assuming they thought the CCTV wasn’t working (we were waiting for the police to contact us) so he decided to come and steal with a friend this time and with no helmet! So you can clearly see his face”.


OIC Patrick Miller said: “We are currently reviewing CCTV footage and are in the process of making further enquiries with the residents and building management to trace the suspects involved in the thefts. Hopefully once we have more information we will be able to provide you with more details.

“If anyone has information please contact us on 101 quoting crime ref: 2006719/20.”

(Image Credit: Google)