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Home News Hundreds gather for Harrow’s Black Lives Matter peaceful protest

Hundreds gather for Harrow’s Black Lives Matter peaceful protest

The Black Lives Matter protest took place in Harrow today (13 June) with hundreds of people in attendance.

The protest started at 11am outside Katies statue in the town centre. The statue itself had been boarded up through fear of vandalism, however the event ran smoothly and most people adhered the to social distancing rules.

People brought banners and placards to the protest. (Credit: Olivine Studios)

The hundreds of people in attendance took the knee to show their solidarity and support of the Black Lives Matter campaign.

‘Taking the knee’: Supporters of Black Lives Matter in Harrow today.

As the event went on, people were chanting ‘Black Lives Matter’. Footage sent into Harrow Online shows the passion the demonstrators had as they lined up outside Katie’s statue.

One person commented on a post in the Harrow Online Group saying: “I am so pleased that the event went smoothly today, everyone was respectful and there was no violence or vandalism. This is exactly the sort of demonstration that BLM (Black Lives Matter) is about, well done to everyone involved for doing it the right way.”

Black Panther: Even superheroes managed to make their way down to Harrow for the protest. (Credit: Olivine Studios)

Organiser of the event and Labour councillor Pamela Fitzpatrick tweeted: “Over 200 people turned out today to support Harrow’s BLM event. Peaceful and perfectly organised. Thanks to all the inspiring speakers and thanks to the 4 other councillors that turned out to support.”

Passion: one photo taken at the demonstration that captures the emotion behind the movement. (Credit: Olivine Studios)

She continued: “Holding a BLM event in Harrow was really important to many local people. So I feel ashamed that some in our party tried to get the protest banned. I thank the few councillors who showed their genuine commitment to this cause including the leader of the council”

A dog showing his support. (Credit: Harrow Labour Left)

Another person tweeted: “Great socially distanced demo in Harrow today. And so nice to see so many Harrow Labour Left comrades face to face after weeks of zoomcalls.”

Powerful images show the scenes today in Harrow. (Credit: Harrow Labour Left)