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Two women claiming to be ‘from Harrow Council’ approach house on Headstone Lane

Two women approached a property in Headstone Lane on Tuesday (14 July) pretending to be from Harrow Council and asking to “check the house and the loft”.

The incident happened at around 7pm at a property located near Headstone Lane Train Station. The two women are both described as Asian, one with an Indian accent. They gained entry to the property before the owners had to tell them loud and clear that they are not welcome and to leave immediately. Both women were saying that they needed to gain entry to the property to “check the electrics in the loft.”

A member of Harrow Online Group posted the following account of the incident: “Hi all, just wondering if anyone else has had people coming to their house demanding an inspection? My mum has serious underlying health issues and had these two women come to the door last night (said they are from the council) and demanded to come in to check the entire house and the loft.


“They barged into the lobby of the house uninvited trying to go upstairs and my mum said no and also said because of covid and her health issues and they continued to demand to come in saying covid is all gone and everything is back to normal now. Finally got rid of them but wondering who they are, if they are legit and if anyone else has experienced? If they are not from the council I’d be looking to report this. Thanks!”

Harrow Council commented saying: “Hi all, council officers will always pre-arrange and notify residents that a visit is taking place. Only exemptions are if there is an emergency or suspected illegal activity. However even then, staff will always carry a photo ID and in the current climate have PPE on them. They will not force themselves inside and would explain the nature of the visit. A contact card would also be left.”

They continued: “Please be extra vigilant and report anything suspicious to the police”.

Members of the group were quick to comment on the report. One person said: “No, not legal, not normal. Never open the door unless you’re expecting them AND they have ID (keep the door on the chain until they do), or until they give ID and a valid reason for being there. These women are obviously cowboys up to no good.”

Another person commented: “2000% fraudsters! They wanted to enter to see where all her valuables are and report back/ or steal once they get in. Call the police and up her security systems.”

The incident has been reported to the police who have confirmed this with us this morning. Anyone with information should contact 101.

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