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Watford FC could build a brand new 30,000 seat stadium in Bushey

Rumours of Watford F.C moving to a new stadium that could potentially be constructed in Bushey surfaced earlier this year.

The plans that leaked online show that Bushey Hall Golf Club is one of the locations where the club could build a brand new 30,00 capacity stadium starting as early as 2021. There are however other locations also being considered.

Plans leaked show the new stadium that could potentially be constructed in Bushey. (Credit: Watford FC)

An online petition set up by Bushey Conservatives states: “Watford FC are seeking to build a new 30,000+seater football stadium and hotel, in the residential area of Bushey, on the doorsteps of thousands of homes. This will see green belt land lost forever, increased congestion, increased carbon pollution, increased noise pollution, increased light pollution and limit on street parking.”

“If this goes ahead the proposed site, Bushey Hall Golf Club which is due to reopen after the development of a new clubhouse is complete, will be forced to close with over 100 years of local history down the drain.

“Fishers Field Nature Reserve and the Public Footpath (66) are all in the firing line,  this will no doubt effect everyone living in Bushey in some way, so please sign this petition and make your voice heard.”

In a statement, Mayor of Watford Peter Taylor said: “I think many of us have very mixed emotions about a possible move by the football club. While we welcome the owners’ ambition and commitment to invest in the club, there are so many memories and lots of history associated with Vicarage Road.

“I would be really sad to see the club leave the town. They are such an important part of Watford and their support for Watford General over the last few months has been wonderful and it made a real difference. 

“I will work with the club on any plans they have to redevelop and expand the stadium at Vicarage Road. Watford FC have played an enormous part in the community for many years and it is essential that this continues for many years to do.”

(Credit: Google Maps/Michael Hayward)