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Postcode checker shows ALL restaurants in Harrow taking part in ‘Eat Out To Help Out’

The governments brand new scheme offering a 50 per cent discount on meals and soft drinks launched this morning at over 72,000 restaurants, cafes and pubs across the country.

Popular chains such as McDonald’s, Pizza Express and Costa Coffee are participating in the new ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ campaign.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak said: “Our ‘eat out to help out’ scheme’s number one aim is to help protect the jobs of 1.8 million chefs, waiters and restaurateurs by boosting demand and getting customers through the door.

“The industry is a vital ingredient to our economy and it’s been hit hard by coronavirus, so enjoy summer safely by showing your favourite places your support – we’ll pay half.”

There is no minimum spend and vouchers are not required to use the offer. You can use the discount as much as you like on days that are allocated (Mon- We’d) but it does not apply to takeaways.

To give an example of the new prices, you can see the difference it makes to the McDonald’s menu below.

  • Cheeseburgers: 50p from 99p
  • Happy Meals: £1.30 from £2.99
  • A Big Mac Meal: £2.30 from £4.59
  • Breakfast meal: £1.75 from £3.99
  • Single Sausage and Egg McMuffin: £1.10 from £2.49


  • Big Mac/McChicken Sandwich/Six McNuggets: £1.60 from £3.39
  • 20 McNuggets: £3 from £5.99
  • McFlurry: 50p from 99p
  • Bacon Double Cheeseburger: £1 from £1.99
  • Cheeseburger: 50p from £1.99.


  • Big Mac: £1.69 from £3.19
  • Bacon Cheese Burger: £0.99 from £1.99
  • Bacon Mayo Chicken: £0.69 from £1.39
  • Double Cheese Burger: £0.79 from £1.59
  • Quarter Pounder: £1.69 from £3.19


  • Vegetable Deluxe: £1.69 from £3.09
  • Filet-O-Fish: £1.69 from £3.09
  • Cheese Burger: 49p from 99p
  • McChicken Sandwich: £1.69 from £3.19
  • Hamburger: 44p from 89p


  • Mayo Chicken: 49p from 99p
  • 20 Chicken Nuggets: £2.39 from £4.59
  • 9 Chicken Nuggets: £1.89 from £3.39
  • 5 Chicken Selects: £2.39 from £4.59
  • Veggie Dippers: £1.69 from £3.29


  • 3 Chicken Selects: £1.84 from £3.59
  • 6 Chicken Nuggets: £1.69 from £3.19
  • Large Fries: 74p from £1.49
  • Medium Fries: 59p from £1.19
  • Small Fries: 49p from 99p
  • Mini McFlurry: 39p from 79p
  • McFlurry: 49p from 99p.

Whilst many restaurants are participating, many have opted not to take part in the new scheme. In order to find which eateries are participating where you are, the government has launched a post code search that will help locate the nearest places to you that offer the deals. All you need to do is enter your postcode and the checker will reveal all the different places offering the discount within a two mile radius.

Just some of the participating venues in  Harrow Town Centre include Kebabland, Balkan Taste, Subway, McDonalds, Steakout Streetfood, Taco Bell,  KFC, Lokma Restaurant, The Dolls House (Harrow on the Hill) and many others.

(Image Credit: Google)