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Residents complain about people ‘spitting in the street’ in Harrow

People have reportedly been seen spitting in the street in Harrow Town Centre and other parts of the borough.

Local residents have been discussing the filthy habit via the Harrow Online Group this week. So far, a post about the subject has gained over 120 comments in under 24 hours.

The post says: “Why are people forever spitting in the street ???”

Members of the group have been giving their thoughts and opinions in the comments.

One person said: “Today at the tesco I petrol pump in Alexandra Avenue while I was filling up, some guy stopped while he was walking and thought it would be a great opportunity to clear his nose minus the tissues using his hand on to the pavement, I retched??”

Another person commented saying: “I hate to see people spitting in public.Harrow introduced a bylaw a couple of years ago but it doesn’t seem to have made any difference. Even coronavirus measures haven’t changed behaviour. I saw two people spit in Harrow centre yesterday.”

A concerned member replied: “The question was “why are people ……..” Everyone saying “disgusting, vile” etc etc. Maybe the actual answer is … dust, dirt in the air. Car fumes, viruses and illness, reflux, TB, paan betel spitting, tobacco products spitting, COPD, Lung problems, hayfever, smoking, midges, and of course covid 1 to 19 ! Oh and superflu.! Not saying the gobbers are OK. …. far from it. But that’s not the question”

Another group member commented: “Great way of spreading TB and God knows what else. We eradicated that years ago .now it’s back . Is it a wonder.. scumbags !
That’s all I can hear in the mornings from my bedroom window. Vile !!”

One person has contacted us stating that their Grandparent had died of tuberculosis.  They said: “The police should be clamping down on this just as much as they are with people wearing face masks to prevent the spread of covid.”

Spitting in the street is illegal and can get you handed a £75 fine as introduced in Harrow back in 2015.