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Thousands gather in London to protest lockdown

Thousands of people have gathered in Central London tonight to protest against the lockdown measures put in place today.

Police Officers have told protesters to go home with a number of videos circulating on social media. It is understood that several arrests have been made.

Met Police tweeted: “A large group of protesters have moved off from #TrafalgarSquare and are ignoring officers directions.

“This gathering is unlawful and is putting others at risk. We are directing those there to go home.

“Failure to do so will result in enforcement action.”

Met Police tweeted again: “A large crowd of protesters are at Oxford Street and continue to gather.

“Arrests have been made as demonstrators failed to comply with the directions of officers.

“We continue to urge people to go home. We remain in a health crisis.”

The police can be seen forming a barricade on Oxford Street as a large number of protestors have gathered.

One tweet that has gone viral said: “Whatever you think about Covid, this is f**king disturbing footage coming out of London right now

“The idea we aren’t allowed to protest this government at all should disturb us all – the government should never have been allowed to give itself this much power”.

The protest is also part of the Million Mask March that takes place annually on 5 November.