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Friday, December 3, 2021
Home Food McDonald’s staff help clean up Harrow during lockdown

McDonald’s staff help clean up Harrow during lockdown

McDonalds in Harrow and Stanmore have used the lockdown to help clean up the local community.

Staff from both McDonalds branches have been out and about doing odd jobs within the local community such as cleaning graffiti from bus stops.

The teams at the different McDonalds branches within Harrow are no strangers to helping around the community, they often participate in litter picks and other local initiatives to do their bit to help.

Graffiti covered bus stop in Harrow. (Credit: McDonalds)

Local Franchisee Kurt Jansen said: “It’s important that we all do our bit within the local community to help one another during these times.

All clean! A job well done. (Credit: McDonalds)

“Last week we provided free school dinners for local families struggling, this week we have been able to safely help use time to help restore some of the local community.”