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Christmas burglaries set to hit Harrow, study shows

Harrow sees one of the highest increases of home burglary rates over the holiday season, compared to the rest of London.

Every winter holiday season, residential burglary rates soar compared to the rest of the year. In London, the burglary rate rises 26% on average, and upwards of 55% in some areas. Although the pandemic has brought a reduction in burglaries, data suggests a surge is still coming with the festive season.

Harrow residents need to stay vigilant, as burglary rates in their area tend to hike up every winter holiday season. The boroughs of Redbridge, Bexley and Harrow experience the largest percentage increase is residential burglaries around Christmas, with crime rates popping up 58%, 55% and 48%, respectively, compared to average rates in February through October. At the opposite end of the spectrum, the residential burglary rates in Lambeth and Hackney only inch up 4% and 6%, respectively, between November and January.

Christmas burglaries set to hit Harrow, study shows Harrow Online
Data analysed by NimbleFins

Overall, burglary rates have seen reductions during the pandemic. However, extra caution will still need to be taken in the coming few months. According to UK burglary statistics, someone is home during most (64%) residential burglary incidents. This means being at home in lockdown does not eliminate the risks.

To best protect oneself, it’s good to know how and when most burglaries occur. Data shows surprisingly many incidents taking place during daytime (38%), while most criminals still break in after dark (58%). Most commonly, burglars enter through the front door, and take around £600 worth of goods with them (median figure).


Data analysed by NimbleFins in a recent study of burglaries in London.

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