Sainsbury’s in South Harrow to close down permanently to the disappointment of local residents

Sainsbury’s in South Harrow is closing down to the disappointment of many local residents in the area.


The store is to permanently close on 5 December after being part of the local community for over 50 years. It originally opened way back in September, 1969.


Members of Harrow Online have made contact expressing their disappointment that the store is closing. Many local residents will have to travel to the next nearest branch located in Kenton.


A local South Harrow resident said: “The first we are hearing about it today (23 November, two weeks before).


“This is a disaster for people who live in South Harrow, especially older people, and in the middle of a pandemic. There is nowhere locally to go for essentials – alternatives are too far to get to for many

Signage in store advising customers of the closure.


“Do they expect older people and others with mobility issues to walk to Kenton? Many will not use public transport because of the pandemic.


“When / where was the discussion with the local community? The warnings? Sure – Sainsbury’s is a business – but this is a pandemic, and for many it is an essential public service. It’s loss will have tremendous impact.”


Another person posted on social media: “I think it is a great shame. We already have an Asda down the other end of the road. South Ruislip very inconvenient for many. A lot of lovely people in South Harrow Sainsbury’s. They are not even allowed to talk to us about the closure. What will happen to them? Is it a done deal? Too late for a petition?”


One other person commented: “Its pretty bad news for all the people that shop there and can’t easily get to South Ruislip.”