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Hundreds of gifts donated to children in care across London

Madlug (Make A Difference Luggage) has donated hundreds of bags as Christmas gifts to children and young people who are in care across London.

The luggage company has partnered with London-based children’s charity St Christopher’s, who will donate rucksack and pack-away bags to the young people as Christmas gifts. These sturdy, stylish bags will help keep all their personal items together in one safe and secure place, which makes a big difference to a child being moved around the care system.

As the UK prepares for a Christmas away from loved ones, the feeling of separation that the nation will experience resonates strongly for those who have a care background. A report from the Office of National Statistics (December 2020), concluded that more than 80,000 children are in care in England, which is around 85 children coming into care everyday. 


Madlug was launched as a business in 2015 by former youth worker Dave Linton, after he was heartbroken to learn that many of the UK’s thousands of children in care still had to carry their life’s belongings in basic plastic bags. Dave’s innovative, ‘buy one (bag) give one away’ (to a child in care) approach, that is at the heart of Madlug’s business model, has raised awareness of the value and worth of children in care with every purchase. Madlug works tirelessly alongside Health Trusts and charities across the UK, donating more than 20,000 bags to children in care over the years.

Dave Linton, founder of Madlug said, “We want to commend the work of St Christopher’s and how they prioritise building relationships with young people who are in care or moving on from care. We count it a privilege to support their wonderful work in caring for these incredible young people. We hope that this little little gesture of a bag helps each child and young person know they are loved and valued.”

St Christopher’s CEO, Jonathan Whalley, said, “Our mission is to create brighter futures for children and young people through fostering, residential and support services. What many young people in care miss is the knowledge that someone wants the best for them and wants them to succeed. St Christopher’s staff commit to these relationships, not just while a young person lives with them but after they have moved on too. They provide a safe home, with support for schooling and mental health. They foster life skills to prepare young people to thrive in adulthood and support them to find housing and jobs and the support they need. “

Whalley continues, “We are really delighted to have the support of Madlug this year. Their support will help children and young people have a special Christmas and to look forward to whatever the New Year brings. “ 

2020 was a significant year for St Christopher’s as they celebrated their 150th birthday.  Planned events with children and young people to celebrate were put on hold, as was life for many people due to the pandemic. As part of these celebrations, every St Christopher’s child was to receive a Madlug bag as a gift. Instead, Madlug has donated bags for children and young people as Christmas presents.

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