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NHS Nightingale Hospitals could suffer due to lack of staff

Mike Adams, a director from the Royal College of Nursing, has said that the Nightingale hospitals could remain largely unused because due to lack of staff.

The lack of doctors and nurses available for work at the hospitals it enhanced by the stress of covid 19 and positive tests of the virus itself.

Despite the removal of equipment in the Nightingale Hospital in London, health chiefs have insisted it is on standby for coronavirus patients. The beds and ventilators that have been removed would need to be reinstalled.


Mike Adams, the England Director of the Royal College of Nursing, told Sky News: ‘I am sure there will be moves to open some beds, there are some beds open in different Nightingale hospitals in different areas of the country.

‘I have real concerns that the expectation that this mass rollout in capacity can happen is misplaced because there aren’t the staff to do it.

‘Nursing is already stretched beyond capacity, so there is no magic pile of nurses we can call upon.’

Adrian Boyle, vice president of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, told BBC Breakfast: “What is it going to be like over the next couple of months?

“I don’t know, I am worried. We are very much at battle stations.

“There will be short-term surges of morale but people are tired, frustrated and fed-up, as everybody is, whether they work in hospital or not.

“The people who go into emergency medicine expect it to be tough from time to time. There is a real worry about burnout.”

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