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Police urge London protestors to stay at home or face enforcement

Met Police have said that they are aware of groups intending to protest in Parliament Square today (Wednesday, 6 January).

The as country has entered a fresh period of national restrictions to curb the spread of Coronavirus and police are aiming to keep Londoners safe by urging protestors to stay at home.

They noted on their website: “These restrictions make it an offence for people to leave their house without a reasonable excuse – gathering for the purpose of a protest is not an exemption.

“Those looking to gather today are urged to stay at home; if you do not you face enforcement action by officers.”

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Laurence Taylor, said: “For those planning on demonstrating, you are reminded of your obligation to adhere to the government guidelines and stay at home.

“If people are found to be in breach of regulations, put in place to keep the public safe, then they can expect to see enforcement from officers.

“This will not just be organisers of the gatherings but participants too – by now everyone knows their part to play in stopping the spread of the virus.

“People that gather as part of this protest today risk the health of Londoners. I will not tolerate this and that is why we have a policing plan in place to disperse crowds and if necessary, take enforcement action.”

(Source: Met Police)