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Local business to deliver community based home cooked food to Harrow residents

A new community food platform has been launched to enable the Harrow community to enjoy great home-cooked food and offer local cooks and chefs an opportunity to earn while staying safe at home.

NoshyCircle combines great food from the best local home cooks with pre-order and delivery services that ensure food is prepared and served hot.  In addition, all NoshyCircle packaging is biodegradable or compostable.

Following a successful test period, NoshyCircle has recently secured funding to aid in its expansion to local communities. Initially launched in Harrow NoshyCircle brings people together in a unique way – through the power of home cooking and community cooks.


Unlike ‘takeaway fast-food’ sumptuous food from NoshyCircle cooks is excellent restaurant-style cuisine that is specially prepared for the customer, enabling them to choose from their favourite dishes and dietary needs.

Customers can order their meals days in advance for multiple days, from different kitchens via a single order.   All food is home-made to order, cooked, packaged and delivered with passion and style.

NoshyCircle is for customers and cooks alike. Anyone can register to become a NoshyCircle cook, they simply need to be able to cook great food, hold a hygiene rating certificate (which can also be obtained online through supported links) and register with their local council.

It’s a community platform that gives cooks a re-energised sense of worthwhile offering them an opportunity to earn – whether they’re currently unable to do their usual catering job or just love to cook.

Cooks sign up via the online portal or the NoshyCircle Cooks App, while customers can order great food direct from their mobile using the NoshyCircle Android and iOS apps.

  • New community-based service for pro and am cooks and food lovers

  • Ready to Eat home-cooked food delivered to your doorstep

  • Multi-day and multi-kitchen orders in a single transaction

Naila Khan, Apna Kitchen said: “I have always loved to cook. I was inspired by my mother’s talent in the kitchen.  She migrated from South of India to Pakistan where she learned lots of delicious recipes! Today, working as a NoshyCircle cook has enabled me to share the flavours and delights of Indian cooking with my local community not just my family.”

Rizwan Khan, NoshyCircle cook at Apna Kitchen concluded: “Cooking is really therapeutic for us, we love to use different spices and adore the flavours they can create.

“Cooking also helps us connect with our family and friends by making tasty and delicious meals! It’s great to work with Naila, she is not only my life partner but also my cooking partner.”

Local business to deliver community based home cooked food to Harrow residents Harrow Online
Delicious! – Community cooks can earn money directly from home cooking

Subha Ganesh, founder of NoshyCircle explained: “Since the initial beta launch in Harrow, we’ve already secured 16 cooks and had more than 100 downloads of the app.

“We’re excited to welcome on board lots of new cooks and chefs from households and restaurants throughout Harrow and beyond,”

NoshyCircle is available for both customers and cooks on Android and Apple devices.

NoshyCircle Customer App –  App Store and Google Play store

NoshyCircle Cooks App – App Store and Google Play Store

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