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GMB London help Harrow Council to circulate info about Covid testing facilities

GMB London have helped Harrow Council to circulate information about the Borough’s Covid testing facilities.

Working with Harrow Council, GMB London has started to send out advice on Harrow’s rapid outcome Covid test centres.

GMB London said they welcome Harrow’s rapid outcome Covid testing facilities, offering Covid testing for all workers who continue to work through the pandemic to provide essential services, including supermarket workers, refuge and street cleansing workers, food delivery drivers, couriers, taxi and transport workers


GMB London have said they are working with several local authorities that offer rapid Covid testing, encouraging GMB London members who are working through the pandemic providing essential services, to have regular twice-weekly tests. 

Steve Garelick, GMB London Regional Organiser said: “GMB London is working with other councils to encourage key workers to have these rapid tests twice-weekly, to protect themselves, their loved ones and the public they serve when delivering the services they provide.

“Covid testing is an important aid in the fight against Covid, but it is also crucial that workers adhere to the government’s advice about safe working.

“GMB is here to help workers who feel that their employer is doing less than necessary to protect them, and we are keen to hear from those members if they have a work issue that they feel isn’t right.”

Sean Harriss, Harrow’s Chief Executive said, “I’m incredibly grateful to all those people who have continued to work as normal through this terrible time.

“Working on the frontline means greater risk and more exposure to coronavirus. That’s why we’re urging everyone who goes out to work to get into the routine of testing twice a week.”

GMB is calling on all councils to offer similar Covid lateral flow testing facilities for those living and working in the borough. Use of these testing facilities is totally necessary for workers who continue to work through the pandemic and who, because of their role, are at greater risk. 

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