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Man accused of terrorism offences allegedly discussed a plan to target Prince George


A 27-year-old man is accused of terrorism offences and allegedly discussed a plan to target Prince George and the Royal Family by poisoning ice cream, it has been reported. 


The Old Bailey heard that when talking to an undercover police officer, Abu spoke of the plan to target Prince George and other members of the Royal Family.

This ended in a person getting sentenced to 28 years in prison.


Sahayb Abu, 27, is on trial accused of buying an 18-inch sword and balaclavas as he planned a terror attack during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Abu, of east London, denies preparing terrorist acts reports say. 

The jury were played a recording and Abu can be heard saying: “They’re trynna make it out as if he [the person jailed] was targeting the baby, he was targeting the family, the Royal Family.

“You know what his plan was? Say like the Royal Family house is there, go to the nearest Sainsbury’s and… put poison in the ice creams so the Royal Family will go and buy the ice creams from there.”

This came after Abu spoke of targeting an imam. He told the officer that his target was an imam from the shia sect, who are considered apostates by extremists such as Islamic State.


“I know his masjid [mosque] everything. I know exactly where he is,” he told the officer.

“He’s in Buckinghamshire and it’s not a poor area, you know. It’s a wealthy area. All these shia they live in wealthy areas, all in west London, up in Buckinghamshire, know what I mean?”

Abu purchased the sword, two balaclavas, a combat vest, fingerless gloves and a combat-style hat as he allegedly prepared his attack.

Abu was arrested on 9 July, he allegedly a ‘rap’ to two of his brothers that ended with the words: “My shank [knife] penetrate ya, got my suicide vest – one click, boom, and I’ll see you later.“

His brother Muhamed Abu, 31, denies failing to disclose information about acts of terrorism.




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