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Classic toy Mr Potato Head is going ‘gender neutral’

Mr Potato Head, first sold in 1952, is going ‘gender neutral’ and dropping ‘Mr’ from his name it has been reported.  

The toy, which is now probably most famous for appearing in all of Disney Pixar’s Toy Story movies will become known as ‘Potato Head’ from now on.

It will be losing the ‘Mr’ from its name moving forward. The potato shaped toy that allows people to change its features including the ears, eyes and mouth is going to be changing names shortly. 


TalkRADIO’s Mark Dolan commented: “The legendary toy Mr Potato Head, a toy that has brought joy to millions of little boys and little girls, that you put the different features on – give him fuzzy eyebrows and a different smile, well he is the latest victim of cancel culture.

“Of woke political correctness gone mad. It is a shocking story, it is a disgrace.

Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan tweeted: “Imagine thinking in the middle of a global pandemic: ‘What’s really important is dropping the ‘Mr’ from Mr Potato Head & making him gender-neutral in case we upset a few wokies.”

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro joked: “Now any child, of any gender, can look at a Potato Head and dream of growing up to be a plastic spheroid with interchangeable parts.”

Many toy manufacturers like Hasbro and Mattel have been attempting to stay in sync with changing consumer preferences.

Mattel Inc of course is Hasbro’s largest U.S. competitor and has seen sales of Barbie go through the roof after adding different skin tones and body types – appealing to a much larger audience.

In a recent presentation, Hasbro said toys that reflect consumers values are particularly important now.

Some people have reacted positively to the news:

Matt Walsh tweeted: “I told my 7-year-old daughter that Mr. Potato Head is gender neutral now and she smiled and said, “This is the greatest day of my life. Finally I can be at peace.” We hugged and I started sobbing. It was so beautiful.”

One Twitter user commented: “I must admit; I’m very much looking forward to all of the conservative pundits’ gnashing of teeth and rending of garments at the news of the gender neutral Mr. Potato Head”

Another person quipped: “who even gives children a mr potato head these days. imagine telling a kid “hey put down fortnite and come shove some ears on this blob” your ass is getting roasted on their tiktok within the hour”

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