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Police are clamping down on motorists who illegally use their phones

Police officers from the Roads and Transport Policing Command have issued more than 400 fines during a three-week period.

The fines have been issued for the offence of driving while on a mobile phone. Since Monday 8 Feb, Met Police have dished out 436 fines to motorists illegally using their phones.

In addition 71 fines were given for not being in ‘proper control of a vehicle’. 

Police have stated via their website: “Using a mobile phone while driving does not just mean holding a phone to your ear.

“It also includes other distracting activities such as selecting music, streaming, looking on social media, checking emails and filming.”

Chief Superintendent Simon Ovens, Roads and Transport Policing Command, said: “The majority of people are responsible motorists who obey the rules of the road and, like me, are opposed to mobile phone use by other drivers.

“However, our ongoing road safety policing continually catches the minority of irresponsible motorists who selfishly use a mobile phone while driving. Their reckless actions could be lethal.

“I would like to remind such offenders that you are a significant danger to yourself, your passengers, other motorists and pedestrians. You are also breaking the law.

“If you are caught using a phone while driving you will be fined £200 and six points deducted from your licence.

“This could mean retaking your driving test or disqualification from driving altogether.

“If you cause a collision as a result of being on a phone, you could face prison. I ask you: how would live with yourself if you were the cause of someone’s injury or death as a result of driving while on a mobile phone?

“So, my message is clear: when you are driving, leave the phone alone.”

The Met also issued the following strategies to help stop the temptation to use your phone. 

A mobile phone blocking pouch may help by blocking the phone signal whilst you are driving.

Put the phone in the glove compartment or boot….Try Out of sight, out of mind, out of hand!

Turn your phone off whilst you are driving to resist the temptation.

Activate airplane mode.

Have an App that blocks calls when driving. (These can often send a message that you are driving to enforce the socially acceptable message)

Some drivers may find it motivating to make a pledge not to use a phone. This can be particularly effective if you do it publically possibly on social media.