Harrow mum in ‘absolute shock’ after finding ‘odd and unappealing’ chicken at KFC

A customer from Harrow Weald has been left horrified after finding an ‘odd and very unappealing looking chunk’ of chicken which she says resembled a ‘brain’.

Rebecca McLoughlin, 23, ordered chicken from the Harrow Weald KFC branch on Tuesday (March 2). 

She told Harrow Online: “A family member went to KFC Harrow Weald to order a family bucket on Tuesday 2nd at around half 3. We tucked in, I dished some up for my son.

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“I had taken a bite out of a piece of chicken and noticed there was something off about it. I began picking at it and discovered this odd and very unappealing looking chunk hidden under the batter.

She added: “It looks quite like a piece of brain but whether it’s that or possibly a lung I do not know. I was in absolute shock and immediately stopped my child from eating anymore. I went online to make a report of my findings and filled in a customer care form and attached a photo for proof.

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Credit: Rebecca McLoughlin

“I then made a post on Harrow Online to share with my local area to get others thoughts and to make others aware. I have been contacted by KFC and they are dealing with the situation.

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KFC, Harrow Weald

A KFC spokesperson said: Hands up! This doesn’t look great, but it looks like a natural part of the chicken to us. This sometimes happens when dealing with fresh chicken – it’s harmless, but it goes without saying it’s not appealing and shouldn’t be there, so we’re reaching out to the customer to make things right.”