Large police presence in Rayners Lane to recover stolen vehicle

Credit: Joanna Randall Wojtukiewics

There was a large police presence in Rayners Lane this afternoon (7 March) as emergency services including a police helicopter have been spotted by residents. 

Footage posted in the Harrow Online Group show multiple police cars at Oxleay Court, Oxleay Road, Alexandra Avenue, Harrow near Rayners Lane with road blocks in place.

Traffic in and around Rayners Lane was heavily congested due to the police presence.

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Credit: Joanna Randall Wojtukiewics

Discussing the helicopter seen above Rayners Lane, one group member said: “It circled in Wembley Central for around 20 mins then went to rayners Lane wondering what happened”.

Another person said: “I don’t know what happened in Rayners Lane and Wembley Central but the helicopter circled in Wembley Central for around 20 mins then went to Rayners Lane wondering what happened. Hope everyone is ok stay safe”

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Credit: Ben Prachet

Footage shows police arresting at least one male at Oxleay Court.

Met Police told Harrow Online: “A stolen car was spotted and there were quite a few resources deployed to see if they could track down the driver.

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“He was found and has been arrested on suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle”

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